About Kami Web Creations

Kami Web Creations was born the year of 2010 by creator August Spencer seeking to fill the need in both her life and others for small business web creation. After many professional years in the industry developing and maintaining effective user friendly web sites for clients such as FedEx, Hilton Hotels, ISYS Technologies, FedEx Credit Union, and several local synagogues, schools, and restaraunts, August was thrilled to finally share her experience within an all-in-one stop shop.
Kami (神) is the Japanese word for a spiritual form.

The idea of the name derived from the thought that combining all the different technologies, strategy and creativity should produce results in a kind of spiritual form. And, using those elements with small business clients should be a smooth and easy overall experience. Afterall, with technology's recent advancements and more information with user experience today than ever, the standards for the process is fairly simple. Add some creativity...and voila! The recipe for spiritual form is born!